At Live Life, our mission is to harness the power of the community to help young people rise up and take their next step into their future.
Our values
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes a community help young people thrive. At Live Life we connect participants into their community so they can sustain the change they start as part of the programme.
We believe in the power of social connection. Whether that's to a mentor, a group of peers, friends, work or study. We work to give young people the skills and circumstances to become connected to other people and their community.
Putting yourself in someone else's shoes is so important to being able to develop real connection. Our approach starts with empathy and builds from there.
Our approach is one without judgement and recognises the value in sharing lived experiences. This requires vulnerability and a wholehearted approach.
What is Live Life?

Live Life is a work readiness programme that helps young people get the community-based support they need to learn new skills needed to get into work, training or education. 

Our philosophy is that it takes a community to raise any child and therefore we take a holistic inter-generational approach in helping each young person feel supported, seen, heard, respected, valued and connected. 

We work from a social justice perspective that promotes equality and equity for all, where everyone needs and is entitled to a sense of purpose, belonging and self-fulfillment.

Live Life participants are matched with older mentors from the community, are placed in volunteering roles in the community and attend confidence & employability skill building workshops to get them on the path towards employment or training. Find out more here.

LiveLife is a program operated by the SVA Foundation Charitable Trust. 

Our people
Robyn Georgieff
Live Life Programme Coordinator

Robyn is a former enrolled nurse and is passionate about helping people find their power within. She is a founding member of Mycare’s Live Life Programme team. Robyn operates from a philosophy of kindness above all else. She believes in a holistic approach to well-being, and that many people just need a guiding hand behind their back and a bit of support to take their next step.

Gray Crawford
Live Life Programme Service Development Manager

Gray has over 35 years work experience in the health and disability sector providing support services to our more marginalized and vulnerable members of society. Over his career Gray has worked with victims of accidents, crime, poverty, addiction and mental health providing them with both practical and emotional supports. Gray has a real passion for empowering the community to support its more marginalized and vulnerable members so that they also discover their mana and purpose in life.

Tyler Brummer
Live Life Programme Co-founder
Tyler was a co-founder of the social connection initiative WeVisit in 2016 which started the LiveLife Program. Tyler recently started work as the Program Manager of 'Care Starts Here' in the people and culture team at the CDHB. Tyler's philosophy is grounded in empathy and believes real human relationships are the key to solving the issues of our time.

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