Welcome to the Live Life Programme
We use an empowering, community approach to support young people into work, training or education


Do you remember...

​​​​​​​The teacher, mentor, coach or role model who always believed in you?
The family friend who helped you find your way?
The times your parents loved and supported you no matter what?
The first employer who gave you a chance to start building a future?
Many of us take these people for granted... but the reality is, tens of thousands of young New Zealanders don't have this support.

The Live Life Programme was created to help fill this need and wrap community based support around young people who need help taking their next step.
See what we are all about:
Community Engagement
each participant is matched with an older mentor from the community
each participant gains work and life experience through volunteering in the community
Building Confidence
each participant goes through a confidence & employability skills workshops with a community of peers
Become a part of Live Life
Do you have some time to give to a young person?
Do you represent an organisation looking for volunteers?
Are you an employer looking to give some young people a chance?
Would you like to sponsor a participant (s) to receive mentoring and support?
Fill in this form and we will get in touch and tell you more...
*The Live Life Programme is operated by the SVA Foundation Charitable Trust and is based in Christchurch, NZ. If you think Live Life would benefit your community, please let us know.

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Christchurch Central 8011
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